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American organisation NonprofitCoach has launched the Global Leaders Fellowship, a free exclusive leadership development programme for new and emerging nonprofit executives, between the ages of 25 to 35 years old.

Applications are being accepted for the programme until 6 October 2017, where ten nominees will then be selected for enrollment in the January 2018 Global Leaders Fellowship inaugural class.

Selection criteria include nonprofit leadership, age, diversity, participation, merit and financial need.

There are no travel or residency requirements as the programme is designed to allow fellows to develop within the context of their current organization and role. Nor is there any cost to fellowship recipients or their employers.

‘I understand that some of the most innovative and scalable social sector work is being done by small nonprofit and nongovernment organizations on the front lines’, says Michelle Lampher, NonprofitCoach founder and president. ‘Such organizations often lack sufficient means and donor support to make significant investments in leadership development. The Global Leaders Fellowship was designed to fill this gap.’

The Global Leaders Fellowship is a leadership coaching programme that blends monthly one-on-one coaching for each participant with monthly group coaching for the entire class. Meetings will take place virtually twice a month between January and June 2018. The approach will allow fellows to learn, practice, and master new leadership mindsets, skillsets and behaviors on their own, in community with their peers, and on the job.

‘The Global Leaders Fellowship is designed as a way to give back to the global nonprofit community I serve’, says Lampher. ‘My hope is that over the course of their careers these young leaders will have many opportunities to pay it forward, influencing hundreds—if not thousands—of other social sector leaders around the world. That’s a powerful force for change.’

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