New executive director named for the Erasmus Centre for Strategic Philanthropy in Rotterdam


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Ann Huijbregts-Gummels will be the new executive director of the Erasmus Centre for Strategic Philanthropy at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, starting 1 March 2017.

Ann Huijbregts.

She is replacing the previous executive director of 3 years, Michiel de Wilde, as he takes on a new role as the director of the Goldschmeding Foundation.

Huijbregts-Gummels has been active in the philanthropy sector for many years, serving as manager at IMC Charitable Foundation most recently and as a board member at the Association of Foundations in the Netherlands, among others.

Outside of the philanthropy sector, her noteworthy strategy consulting experience comes from Booz & Company, Adstrat, and Monitor Company.

ECSP is an independent centre that serves to enhance the performance of the philanthropy sector. Huijbregts-Gummels will assist ECSP in their goal of connecting philanthropy practitioners with academics by putting education at the forefront in hopes of effectively resolving complex societal issues.

Alliance’s upcoming March issue will focus on ‘What does philanthropy scholarship offer policy and practice?‘.

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