New guidelines for donors highlight how to fund effectively in Pakistan


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The Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy has released ‘Giving to Pakistan: Guidelines for Donors’, a report seeking to inspire and support strategic giving in Pakistan. The report helps donors ensure their giving is done in full compliance with local laws, as well as assisting identify appropriate organisations.

‘We expect that these guidelines will be of value to the broad spectrum of donors, grant-makers and NPOs,’ said PCP Executive Director Shazia Amjad.

Pakistan is one of the fastest growing countries in Asia with a population of nearly 220 million people and an estimated 49.5 million living in poverty. These socio-economic conditions are the main driving source behind the estimated 15,000 to 20,000 nonprofits, working across a number of different fields, operating in the country.

‘Given this landscape, as well as the need to navigate the rules and regulations of both donor and recipient jurisdictions, especially from the perspective of a US donor and/or grant-maker, it is vital to have a comprehensive understanding of the local context, as well as the requirements and conditions impacting cross-border giving to Pakistan’, reads the report.

Download ‘Giving to Pakistan: Guidelines for Donors’ here.

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