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The September 2019 issue of Alliance magazine on Human rights philanthropy guest edited by Julie Broome (Ariadne), Carola Carazzone (Assifero), John Kabia (Fund for Global Human Rights) philanthropy is now available to read.

At $2.8 billion per year, human rights funding amounts to 5 per cent of all giving.

Yet the very idea of the open, liberal, and democratic society underpinned by respect for human rights is under attack and refugees, people of colour, LGBT individuals and groups, women’s rights and environmental activists and individuals or groups denied basic economic and social rights – all those that human rights legislation protects – are in the firing line.

The September 2019 issue of Alliance highlights the eco-system of liberal funders and activists throwing everything at stemming the tide. Adrian Arena takes us inside the Oak Foundation’s human rights programme, Selmin Caliskan discusses OSF’s exile to Berlin, and Victoria Ibezim-Ohaeri explains why funding for economic and social rights should be prioritised.

Elsewhere, Hans Schopflin shares the story of his foundation’s work on preventing drug abuse and promoting democracy in Germany and we feature reaction to the Notre-Dame fire from Fondation de France.

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