New paper challenges grantmakers to ‘learn new tricks’


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Dan Corry, chief executive of New Philanthropy Capital, and Paul Streets, chief executive of Lloyds Bank Foundation, today published their ‘provocation paper’, Grant-makers must learn new tricks.

Inspired by two other reports, More than Grants, also published today, the paper sets out to question whether charitable foundations in the UK are doing enough—and are doing the right things—to support the voluntary and community sector.

It argues that UK foundations need to be bolder, as they ‘hold both the resources and expertise to make a more substantial difference.’

More than Grants highlights funding organizations worldwide that are already investing in building capacity and capability among their grantees, or are using their influence to have longer-term impact, which Corry and Streets hope will ‘provide a fresh and exciting challenge to UK funders on the need to do more, but simultaneously offer a wealth of experience to draw upon to highlight the possibilities for doing so and to ensure that practice is of the best quality.’

As Streets states, ‘the climate for charities is tough and the demand high. As they constantly evolve to ensure their survival, it’s our job as grantmakers to change too. We need to be more vocal on behalf of the causes, charities and communities we fund and broaden our support for them to ensure they can thrive for the long term. The global insights from these reports will be key for us in shaping and improving our own offer, and we hope raising the bar for other funders across the UK.’

To download both reports, see here.

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