New report looks at funding against LGBTI communities around the world


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A new report by the Global Philanthropy Project (GPP) ‘Religious Conservatism on the Global Stage: Threats and Challenges for LGBTI Rights’ documents the main conservative strategies, discourses, funding sources, and actors opposing sexual orientation and gender Identity rights globally.

GPP claim largest and most comprehensive study on how religious conservativism is currently operating around the world and includes case studies focused on Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Africa. More than that, the report explains how religious opposition to sexuality and gender equality has been transformed in the past two decades by the establishment of large, well-funded NGOs.

‘For funders concerned with sexual and reproductive rights and sexual orientation and gender identity rights, this report should function as a wake-up call’, said Alli Jernow of Wellspring Philanthropic Fund and GPP Director Matthew Hart in the report introduction letter.

‘We call on fellow funders to act. We need funders of sexual and reproductive rights and health, women’s movements and feminism, defenders of secular democracy and civic space – we need all of us to come together to develop a shared response.’

Read the full report here:

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