New whitepaper shares insights on millennials’ attitudes to charitable giving


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Global insights firm Maru/Matchbox has published a new whitepaper that features recent survey responses from a pool of 1,500 North American millennials along with research-driven tips for nonprofits to engage this demographic.

The Future of Giving: Are You Ready For The Millennials? outlines the challenges and opportunities facing charities today, including learnings that will better equip charitable organisations to build new relationships with the millennial audience.

Maru/Matchbox’s Managing Director of Public Affairs, Sara Cappe wrote: ‘Millennials are the future of charitable giving. We know this based on the academic literature, and our proprietary research. While they are still building their earning power, the impressions and experiences millennials have today will shape the future of philanthropy.’

‘The latest statistics reveal that 84 per cent of millennials already donate an average of $481 annually across 3.3 charities. Now is the moment to connect with millennials and build a rapport that will last a lifetime.’

Download and read the whitepaper here:

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