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Diana Leat

Diana Leat

Diana Leat


Male to female delegate – do you think foundation risk taking correlates with the height of the heels they wear?

Two delegates: ‘So if voluntary re-disribution doesn’t work where does that leave foundations? Not working too? or just not working for the right things?’

Replies to either or both welcome!

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Terry Odendahl

It's hard to say on heels. Different types of risks? Being noticed versus breaking an ankle? Perhaps there is a gender component? I attended the excellent "Funding for Inclusion: Women and Girls in the Equation" session this afternoon. Oak Foundation staff spoke of the challenges and opportunities of grant making with a gender lens, advocating for a combination of funding specific to women and girls along with mainstreaming gender funding. The room was full of women in both heels and sensible shoes, with more than an handful of men (all in sensible shoes). In footwear and funding decisions, it's most probable that fashion, rather than impact, wins out.

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