Over 150 funders condemn American political violence in open letter


Alliance magazine


Following the political violence in the United States Capitol building, over 150 philanthropic foundations and institutions have signed a statement condemning the rioting and calling on leader to protect democracy and ‘get back to the people’s business’.

‘The events in Washington are a stain on our nation’s history,’ reads the statement, which is supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Center for Effective Philanthropy, and the Ford Foundation, among others.

The statement directly addresses the involvement of President Donald Trump in last week’s events, saying ‘The shameful events are the result of actions by President Trump and other political leaders who have recklessly fanned the flames of grievance. Those responsible for this deadly violence and insurrection must be held to account, and we call on Republican leaders, in particular, in government and media to unequivocally reject conspiracy theories and the actions of extremists who use violence.’

‘The shameful events are the result of actions by President Trump and other political leaders…’

Signatories include funders, organisations, and philanthropic institutions from across the United States, including Open Society Foundations, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Ruth Mott Foundation, the Skoll Foundation, Wallace Global Fund, and the Hewlett Foundation, among over 150 signatures.

Referencing the ongoing and dire health and economic crisis, the statement ends by calling on leaders to ‘repair our tattered social fabric and help our democracy live up to its ideals. And we stand ready to work with you to move our country forward and increase opportunity for all who call it home.’

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