Partnership confirms Brazil as part of international philanthropy scene


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IDIS in Brazil has signed a partnership agreement with the Global Philanthropy Forum which, according to the heads of both organizations, will give a stimulus to private social investment in Brazil and other Latin American countries. On one side, it will give Brazilian philanthropy access to the experience of the wider world of international philanthropy and, on the other, remarks Jane Wales of the Global Philanthropy Forum, it will introduce GPF members around the world to ‘the challenges and opportunities of philanthropy in Brazil’. Among the projected activities of the new arrangement will be IDIS’s participation in GPF’s conferences in 2012 and 2013, a conference in Brazil next year and various other seminars and exchange activities. For IDIS’s Marcos Kisil, the move also marks the addition of a global dimension to Brazilian social investment in parallel with the country’s development as a global economic force.

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