Perspectives for Brazilian philanthropists explore collaboration, community


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The Institute for Development of Social Investment (IDIS) has published Perspectives for Brazilian Philanthropy in 2022, a white paper that shares eight perspectives philanthropists in Brazil can apply to their giving.

The perspectives include:

  • More grantmakers, fewer own projects – Philanthropy gains relevance in its role as a funder of civil society organizations that seek solutions to complex problems.
  • Emergency vs long term – Strategic philanthropy finds itself at an impasse between short-term needs and looking to the future.
  • Causes have strengthened – Even during the health and economic crisis, the strength of some causes has not been shaken. They gain new formats and are more important than ever.
  • The community as a parent cell of philanthropy – In the most difficult moments, the problems are concentrated in the communities, as well as the solutions.
  • Collaborative and partnership work – We get further when we walk together and, contrary to the saying, we get there faster too.
  • Business more engaged – Pandemic experience and pressure from investors and consumers lead companies to increase donations.
  • It is no longer just philanthropic capital that generates impact – The possibility of reconciling profit with a positive impact is increasingly attractive to new and old investors.
  • The landing of Generation Z – Millennials are already making their mark on philanthropy. And now, what to expect from Generation Z?

According to IDIS, the Perspectives were written because: ‘we have the intention of enriching this moment and, somehow, contributing so that the social investor has more elements to collaborate with in order for his/her decision to be the best for him/her, the best for the beneficiaries, and the best for Brazil.’

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