Philanthropic giving for climate on the rise in India


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The India Climate Collaborative has been engaging with individual philanthropists who are willing to commit significant funds to fight climate change – and it’s paying off. The 2022 EdelGive Hurun India Philanthropy List revealed a 46 per cent increase in donations to climate matters and the sustainability sector.

Still, there remains a long way to go. The total giving to climate in India last year amounted to $28 million, according to India CSR, a small fraction of the country’s funding pie.

To try an encourage more climate giving in India, the Rainmatter Foundation has been travelling across the country to increase funding and support for climate action. Rainmatter is a non-profit that supports organisations and projects for climate action, a healthier environment, and livelihoods associated with them.

Other Indian initiatives to increase climate giving include the EdelGive Foundation’s new fund GROW for Climate which will aim to empower civil society organisations working in the climate space, as well as the India Climate Collaborative’s work engaging individual philanthropists who are willing to commit large amounts dedicated to fighting climate change. Dasra is also working with 130 families as part of its Giving Pi initiative to raise awareness on climate change and bring together civil society organisations working on diverse issues.

‘More than ever, we have seen a sea change in philanthropy towards climate change in the last year and a half,’ said Neera Nundy, Dasra co-founder.

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Rama Narayan Mallick

Global warming and climate change is the most serious threat to the life on our planet.Burning fossil fuels,coal,oil and gases,cutting down forests and farming livestocks are increasingly influence the climate and the earth's temperature.Many of the ghgs occur naturally,but human activities are increasing.Climate change is a defining issue of our time,but it does not receive adequate philanthropic funding.The impact of global warming including droughts,heat waves and raising sea levels are affecting the entire world and should be at the top of our priority lists.

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