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Alliance magazine has today launched its latest issue on philanthropy and the media. In the special feature, Alliance editor, Charles Keidan and guest editor, Miguel Castro of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, explore the opportunities and risks for the media, and society at large, of a model of journalism increasingly reliant on philanthropic income.

Alliance is pleased to offer free access to this issue thanks to Democracy and Media Foundation who are sponsoring the removal of the paywall in order that the content can be shared as widely as possible.

The issue profiles selected philanthropists owning or backing media, a run-down of foundation programmes on the media and features contributions from Barbara Hans, Editor of Spiegel online, Rachel White of The Guardian, James Deane of BBC Media Action, and Gustavo Gorriti of IDL Reporteros in Peru, among others.

The issue explores ethical boundaries between funding and content and new models for funding journalism proposed by Stanford’s Bruce Sievers and the media Development Investment Fund’s Patrice Schneider.

Other pieces consider philanthropy’s role in sustaining investigative journalism and combating fake news, and the changes under way should be feared or embraced.

This issue also features the first-ever interview with Gerard van Vliet, the Dutch based founder of the Adessium Foundation. Together with his son, Rogier van Vliet and managing director, Rogier van der Weerd, he explains the values and vision behind the foundation and why the foundation funds public interest journalism.

Alliance Editor Charles Keidan said:

‘This issue of Alliance looks at how the worlds of philanthropy and media are colliding. Both sides have their work cut out to promote journalism in the public interest, build new models and restore trust. The wellbeing of civil society will depend on their success.’

Alliance aims to hold up a mirror to philanthropy worldwide – we hope you enjoy the new view.



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