Philanthropy in a changing world economy


Jenny Conrad


In a few weeks Alliance will be publishing the June 2013 issue of the magazine. Guest edited by Anthony Tomei, former director of the Nuffield Foundation, this includes a special feature on philanthropy in a changing world economy.

While the ‘financial crisis’ may have resulted in significant changes in North America and Europe, for the rest of the world, it can be taken as a symbolic date for a longer-term shifting of economic power. This is playing out differently in different parts of the world. What does this mean for philanthropy – foundations, individual philanthropists, impact investors? Are relations with government being renegotiated? Are foundations rethinking their role? Coming up with new ways of working? Is impact investing increasing? These are some of the questions this Alliance special feature will seek to answer.

This issue will include a number of global perspectives on this topic. Matthew Bishop takes on the immensely difficult task of predicting trends in philanthropy around the world. From Europe and North America, Foundation Center president Bradford Smith talks about how American foundations are responding to the twin catalysts of financial austerity and the information revolution, while Luciano Balbo and Massimo Lanza argue that impact investing may be the best way to address Italy’s growing social problems. Alison Bukhari of Dasra considers how philanthropy is changing in India, now the world’s third largest economy. Looking at developing countries, Tony Emulelu explains the concept of ‘Africapitalism’ and Jacana Partners founder Stephen Dawson outlines why he still thinks that venture capitalism can be more effective than impact investing or grantmaking in creating long-term change.

Other articles in this issue include an interview with the new president of the Council on Foundations, an article looking at venture philanthropy in Europe, and a look at maintaining the balance between the technocratic and the humanistic.

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