How is philanthropy responding to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine?


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This article is being updated as more commitments are being publicised.

Following Russian troops’ invasion of Ukraine on 24 February, Alliance magazine has been tracking the responses of the philanthropy sector and civil society to the conflict. Here, we round up news, statements, and resources.


Center for Disaster Philanthropy

The Center for Disaster Philanthropy, which helps funders respond to complex humanitarian crises, are hosting a webinar on 10 March to discuss available humanitarian assessments and how funds can use these tools to determine funding priorities.


Erste Stiftung

On 23 February, Erste Stiftung published ‘United in support for Ukraine’, a Talk Europe special interview with Wojciech Przybylski, Editor-in-Chief of Visegrad Insight.

European Cultural Foundation

‘For more than six decades, the European Cultural Foundation has advocated for and invested in a European sentiment, a feeling of mutual comprehension and solidarity between the peoples of Europe.

‘Today there is no more urgent place to realise our European culture of solidarity than in Ukraine,’ write the European Culture Foundation in a statement.

Mott Foundation 

‘The Mott Foundation stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. For nearly 30 years, the Foundation has provided grant support to civil society organizations working to promote citizen engagement and participation in Ukraine’s democratic society. Our current and former grantees, partners, consultants, friends and all the people of Ukraine are in our thoughts as they face a hostile invasion of their country’, reads a statement from the Mott Foundation shared on 24 February 2022.

Open Society Foundations 

On 23 February, the Open Society Foundations shared a statement expressing solidarity with Ukraine and calling for ‘an immediate and robust response from the international community aimed at securing an immediate withdrawal of all Russian forces from the territory of Ukraine.’

‘The world must take a united stand in ensuring diplomatic and economic costs if Russia continues its current course, while at the same time increasing support to Ukraine’s democratic institutions, civil society, and independent media.’

Schwarzkopf Stiftung

Along with the Members of European Youth Parliament in Ukraine and Russia, the Schwarzkopf Stiftung has called for peace and de-escalation in a statement dated 23 February. The foundation is also hosting a webinar on 2 March in German on the background of the escalation of the conflict.

Philanthropy support organisations

Council on Foundations

The Council on Foundations has compiled a list of resources for those looking to support Ukrainians, including statements from its members and funds directing donations to Ukraine.


The Philanthropy Europe Association wrote in a statement on 24 February: ‘We stand in solidarity with our members and all the people of Ukraine amidst the Russian government’s invasion into their lands. Our most heartfelt thoughts go to the families, friends and loved ones affected by this devastating situation.’

The Philea page also includes a list of resources from foundations and charities working in the region including the International Committee of the Red Cross, International Rescue Committee, Lutheran World Federation, International Renaissance Foundation, and Caritas Austria.


The international network body WINGS has put out a newsletter saying: ‘We are gravely concerned and saddened by events in Ukraine and stand in solidarity with our members Ukrainian Philanthropists Forum and Zagoriy Foundation, and all those affected by the crisis.’

The organisation has also shared a list of resources for anyway looking for effective ways to help, including:

Civil society


A unified international response to Russia’s attacks on Ukraine is a must, say the global civil society alliance CIVICUS in a statement, calling for a targeted, swift, and unified response to Russia’s actions.

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This is a feeling of mutual comprehension and solidarity between the peoples of Europe.

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