Power of partnerships to propel philanthropy in Nigeria


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Oluwatoyin (Toyin) Adegbite-Moore, of the African Venture Philanthropy Alliance (AVPA), discussed Nigeria’s foundation and philanthropy sector in an interview conducted by the Association of German Foundations. Oluwatoyin described the state of the sector as fragmented and disconnected within thematic areas but also said there is a big opportunity for partnerships to leverage resources coupled with the willingness of the wealthy African elites to give back to society within an enabling environment.

The AVPA executive director identified three broad issues that will drive Nigeria’s foundation and philanthropy sector in the next 10 years: youth unemployment, population growth and healthcare.

Regarding what role philanthropy will take in the future, Oluwatoyin commented: ‘In Nigeria, traditional philanthropy is seen as charity, which is intrinsically linked with our cultures. We need more ecosystem facilitators, builders and conveners like the African Venture Philanthropy Alliance to help define and set the tone by building local capacity and knowledge about philanthropy.’

Oluwatoyin continued, ‘There is also a huge awakening to the power of capacity building in the area of emotional and cultural intelligence.’

Read the full interview here: stiftungen.org

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