Reham Khan launches foundation in the UK


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The social activist and author Reham Khan launched the Reham Khan Foundation in the UK this week after its original founding in Pakistan four years ago.

The foundation was launched at Portcullis House on Wednesday 24 July which was hosted by MPs Rosena Allin-Khan and Khalid Mahmood. Its first campaign in the UK will support migrant women who are victims of domestic abuse and to raise awareness of the specific difficulties migrant women face in reporting crimes.

Speaking about the launch of the charity she said, ‘I’m delighted to be able to build upon the amazing work the RKF has done in Pakistan. There are an unknown number of migrant women who are victims of domestic abuse and the RKF will work hard to highlight the plight of these women and help to protect them.’

Reham Khan Foundation has been working in Pakistan since 2015 with a focus on the protecting the rights of women and children across the world. Reham said the aim of the UK foundation launch event was to ‘engage parliamentarians with the specific issues migrant women face in order that we may have the necessary legislation to protect them.’

‘As a victim of domestic abuse myself, I am well aware of the dangers migrant women face and the challenges they encounter escaping their situation and bringing perpetrators to justice. We hope to work alongside other charities such as Women’s Aid already doing much good work in this area, together we are stronger.’

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I intrustive work your foundation

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