Research: more giving, volunteering, and trust in Ukraine’s charity sector during war period


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Trust in the charity sector has grown significantly in Ukraine, according to research released by the Zagoriy Foundation in partnerships with the Ukrainian Center for Public Opinion Research.

‘Charity in the times of war’, a quantitative study tracking changes in Ukrainian philanthropy over the last year, found that 84 per cent of Ukrainians believed that the charitable work in their country was rapidly developing, and trust in charitable institutions had grown significantly – from a mediocre score of 2.66 out of 5 in 2021 to a high of 3.77 out of 5 in June 2022.

The study also found that the involvement of Ukrainians in charity has increased significantly. Some 86 per cent of Ukrainian residents practised giving during the last year, and the average donation is now nine times higher than it was in 2021. The number of volunteers in Ukraine has also increased – from five per cent in 2021 to 33 per cent today.

According to Zagoriy’s report, the researchers also observed changes in people’s motivation.

‘Compassion and the awareness that any of us can be in trouble are still the main motives that drive giving. But new factors also appeared: a sense of patriotism, a desire to participate in the solution of important problems, and the awareness of the duty to society’, the study noted.

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