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This month marks the end of Caroline Hartnell’s tenure at Alliance magazine, and it brings us great pleasure to highlight her outstanding contributions to WINGS and to the field of philanthropy.

For 16 years Caroline provided us with thoughtful, informative and critical perspectives on philanthropy, and through her dedication to Alliance we are today a stronger field. Support organizations serving philanthropy are more proficient and numerous, and Alliance magazine has become a huge asset for us all.

Caroline has been a strong supporter of WINGS since our early days in 1999, and since our global network has grown; Caroline is one of several remarkable individuals who helped the network get to where it is today.

We know that Caroline will continue as a champion for the sector, and now we offer our support and best wishes to her successor, Paula Park. To illustrate the impact Caroline has had on the WINGS network and on global philanthropy, we’re happy to share these words from our members and partners:

What amazes me about Caroline Hartnell is her modesty, attention to people, incredible knowledge of the sector and the highest ethical standards, along with her professionalism and work ethic. These qualities inspired many to support Alliance because she made us all feel ownership of it – the greatest thing an editor of an industry outlet can ever achieve. Maria Chertok, CAF

Caroline Hartnell did so much to shed light on philanthropy worldwide through Alliance. Not only did she work to provide a wonderful variety of good information but she was able to tease out knowledge, wisdom, insights and critiques in a most thoughtful way. Thanks to her, the field really has progressed and advanced. Nick Deychakiwsky, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

Caroline’s sensitivity to global issues and macro perspective inspired me many times, and reaffirmed the importance of a global venue as the Alliance magazine. Caroline has contributed immensely to promote strategic philanthropy and has brought to light issues that are prominent and relevant to impact societies positively. It was an honor to have met her and discussed with her how to change the world! Paula Fabiani, IDIS

Caroline has excelled at the craft of shaping the ideas and words of those of us working in philanthropy, and challenging us to think again, to question our assumptions, and to look at things from a different perspective. A tough and skilled editor too! I will miss her input and collaboration. Heather Grady, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

All along the way, Caroline has been a quiet, behind-the-scenes voice for our sector, telling the stories of global philanthropy during this most dynamic of times. Our sector has been made richer by Caroline’s commitment to global philanthropy, and historians of the future, wishing to understand philanthropy in the first decades of the 21st century, will find no better trove of information than Alliance under Caroline’s leadership. John Harvey, Independent Global Philanthropy Professional

While the philanthropy field has seen many changes in the last 16 years, Caroline has been a reassuring constant: soft-spoken, but tough, incisive and tenacious (as anyone who has ever owed her an article will know). Under Caroline’s leadership,  Alliance has played a key role in shaping the narrative of this at times contradictory sector, consistently seeking out new voices and perspectives and distilling complex issues in ways that are always balanced, digestible and thought-provoking. Jenny Hodgson, Global Fund for Community Foundations

When I first met Caroline — at an EFC conference I suspect — there was a feeling of instant rapport. She had a quiet way about her that that was equal parts thoughtfulness and smarts. Only when we began working together on Alliance magazine copy did I get to know her other signature qualities: tenaciousness and complete candor. At a time when print publications are floundering, those traits have taken Alliance from strength to strength. You will be much missed, Caroline. Barbara Ibrahim, John D. Gerhart Center for Philanthropy and Civic Engagement, American University in Cairo

I’ve had the privilege of sharing ideas with Caroline Hartnell around our common interest of fostering philanthropy worldwide. I congratulate her for a magnificent job of conceptualizing, editing and transforming such an important publication, and for bringing together quality contributors, exciting new ideas, and different points of view. Marcos Kisil, IDIS

Caroline always stretched the envelop on tabling topics that advance the field of philanthropy and social investment. She always encouraged contributions from the various regions of the world to include various perspectives and practices. In this respect she was a strong advocate of WINGS as the platform with legitimacy to represent this global diversity. I will definitely miss her magical skills at editing my contributions to Alliance magazine. I will not say goodbye as I am sure our roads will cross. Atallah Kuttab, SAANED

Caroline has done a great job in making Alliance a “must read” publication to keep current on what folks are thinking in philanthropy — local and global. She has invited such a range of people to share their ideas uncensored, and created an important and welcoming forum where issues can be raised and conversations can begin. Good luck with your next adventure! Niamani Mutima, AGAG

Caroline has over the last decade taken philanthropy documenting to all corners of the globe. There is no one yet I know who has used her networks and charm to drive a vision for global philanthropy that is not just practiced but is known. She has travelled roads unchartered and remains relevant even as she retires. With people like her, philanthropy has been enriched. Bhekinkosi Moyo, Southern Africa Trust

Alliance has succeeded on the strength of Caroline’s personality and her persistence. By knowing pretty much everyone, everywhere as far as I can tell, and relentlessly pursuing them for their stories, she brings us together. I can’t imagine how much energy that takes but I do know that it has genuinely helped me to feel connected in the world of philanthropy. A laudable legacy. Adam Pickering, CAF

Undeterred by borders, language barriers and the chasm of oceans, Caroline has found a way to shrink the world. Graciously and thoughtfully, she has been an invaluable resource to philanthropy by deploying her expertise in a way that unites leaders across the planet in common cause — investing in a more just and peaceful world. On behalf of the US philanthropic community, I want to thank her for her tremendous service. Vikki Spruill, Council on Foundations

I only have words of gratitude and admiration for Caroline. She is a philanthropy leader that opens our minds and motivates us to understand better the philanthropic trends. Thanks to Caroline’s efforts, Alliance Magazine is the most significant publication gathering the most relevant philanthropic debates in the world. María Carolina Suárez V., AFE

In the whole world there is no one like Caroline Hartnell, who devotes the most beautiful days into recording and creating global philanthropy history. Caroline, you are a legend! Tao Ze, China Foundation Center

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