Tarsadia Foundation wins Catalyst 2030 award for trust based philanthropy


Charles Keidan


California-based Tarsadia Foundation, and its CEO Maya Patel, received recognition for a distinct approach to philanthropy at an awards ceremony in central London on 8 November.

The Catalyst 2030 Awards, which recognise efforts across the public, corporate and philanthropic sectors to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, are the flagship event of Catalyst 2030. Founded in 2019, Catalyst 2030 describes itself as a ’global movement of people and organisations committed to achieving the SDGs.’  

The Tarsadia Foundation’s award was for its work on the Rebuild India Fund, a $50 million giving vehicle supporting organizations committed to rebuilding their communities from the devastating impacts of Covid-19.

The fund was praised at the ceremony by one of Tarsadia’s partners for ‘enabling proximate leaders to deliver, and to forge their own paths’ through multi-year and flexible funding – all essential ingredients for a trust based approach.

The London based Asfari Foundation was recognised for its philanthropic partnerships while the US based Segal Family Foundation, recently featured in Alliance, won ‘best donor’ award for its support for community based organisations in the US and across Africa.  

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