The Baring Foundation celebrates its 50th anniversary


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Fifty years ago today, the Baring Foundation was established as an independent foundation built to advocate for human rights and inclusion. In total, the Foundation has given over £120 million in grants since its birth in 1969. To recognise this special anniversary, A history of the Baring Foundation in fifty grants was published to highlight 50 of the Foundation’s most influential grants.

As Director of the Baring Foundation, David Culter comments, ‘Most foundation histories record the contribution of key individuals. This volume wishes to make the case that the history of this Foundation is the sum of the actions of many people… This account is different too in putting a selection of grants at the heart of our story. The Foundation has made grants worth over £120 million, so choosing just fifty has proved invidious. They are intended to exemplify both the enduring mission of the Foundation and the different ways this has been expressed over the decades. ’

Lord Ashburton, a founding member and former Chair of the Baring Foundation, also says, ‘I am very happy to have been asked to provide a foreword for the document celebrating the Baring Foundation’s 50th Birthday. The Foundation was originally set up in 1969 with the intention of safeguarding the independence of Baring’s business. Whilst it failed in this objective, owing to the disastrous events of 1995, it is pleasing to note that it has, and continues to play a useful role in supporting the voluntary sector, with over £100 million distributed to a huge range of charities since its establishment.’

To read more, visit the Baring Foundation website.

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