The Philanthropy Framework: A new tool for sparking effective social change


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Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (RPA) recently published a new report called The Philanthropy Framework to give philanthropic organisations the structure they need to maximise their impact. The report combines input from over 50 foundations to identify changes in philanthropy around the world, including generational shifts in attitudes, wealth creation, and new models for impact.

The executive summary of the report highlights three core elements to maximise impact, designated as ‘the philanthropy framework’. This list includes charter, ‘the organisation’s scope, form of governance, and decision-making protocol’; social compact, ‘its implicit or explicit agreement with society about the value it will create’; and operating model, ‘the approach to the resources, structures and systems needed to implement strategy’. Each element is further expanded upon with examples from relevant organisations.

Melissa A. Berman, CEO of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, comments, ‘Emerging models of philanthropy in the last 20 years have transformed the traditional ways in which funders – whether they’re individuals, families, corporations or foundations – accomplish their goals, approach organizational design, and manage key resources.’ She continues, ‘We worked with many of the largest, most thoughtful and strategic global philanthropists to develop a practical, useful guide to enable existing, new and next generation philanthropists to create more meaningful social impact. We are pleased to make the outcomes of this thinking available to others.’

View the full report to learn more.

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