The Wolfson Foundation announces new £10 million mental health initiative


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The Wolfson Foundation has announced a £10 million funding competition to support research to advance the understanding and treatment of mental health conditions.

Chief Executive of the Wolfson Foundation, Paul Ramsbottom, said, ‘The distress caused by mental ill health is hard to overstate – for both individuals and their families, with a wider detrimental impact on the economy and society at large. We are excited to be able to make this call for applications in a field of research which has historically been underfunded. There is currently an unparalleled national discussion about the causes and impact of mental ill health. We have been keen to define the Initiative broadly to allow research institutions to set out their own visions of how they would spend £10 million to greatest effect.’

According to a report[1] published earlier this year, by research charity MQ, mental illness only receives 5.8 per cent of the UK health research budget.

UK universities and research organisations are eligible to apply (individually or collaboratively). The Wolfson Foundation will be accepting proposals until January 11 2018.

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