Thoughts on the peace through social justice conference

Terry Odendahl

Terry Odendahl

This is my third consecutive EFC conference and each one is getting better, perhaps because: I know more people who are welcoming; the theme of ‘Peace Through Social Justice’ resonates; the sessions relate to the theme; and I’ve learned something in every one attended.

Since Tuesday, I’ve run into a range of participants, from quiet newcomers to confident old-timers (thank you Barry Knight and the risky business crowd for the label).  There’s been more talking with, rather than at each other, in both the hallways and workshops.

On Thursday I was up at crack of dawn, starting at the ungodly hour of 7am for the
Working Group on Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace’s excellent session on
‘The global crisis: Movements for economic justice’, where I learned about the
injustice of tax havens, which gave a preview and greater insights than the plenary
on the financial crisis.  In addition to networking,  I appreciated the discussion
around ‘shedding light on our own practice(s)’, as well as hearing some outcomes of
the Global Philanthropy Leadership Initiative.  Both called for more accountability
and transparency in the field, but perhaps we weren’t given the full story on

Terry Odendahl is CEO of Global Greengrants Fund

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