Top Five Comments Overheard at EFC 2015 AGA


Nicky McIntyre


1. During the 2010 Haiti earthquake relief efforts, less than 1% of funding raised went directly to local Haitian organisations.

2. The deep connections and local knowledge that community funds have mean that, in times of crisis, they can really make a difference. They know where people are, how to reach and help them, and they’re there for the long haul.

3. You need three things to bring about long-term social change: a lawyer, an activist and a storyteller.

4. What will it take to find new, simpler, more accessible ways to talk about our work without feeling like we’ve sold our souls to the devil?

5. Maybe when @EllenD35 said we had to be “uncomfortable” she was referring to Hermes and Aphrodite #AGAMilan2015.

And just one more:
“Shall we shake hands, or do you want to go straight to the poke?”

EFC, could you please provide us with a practical protocol for poking before the next AGA?


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fnaf free

I hope you find this advice to be helpful. Please contact us if you require any additional assistance.


Who is the Devil here?

Avila Kilmurray

What great take aways - that just about sums it up. Perhaps these could form the bedrock of the EFC social justice planning exercise.

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