UK giving report finds increases in protests and campaigns


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The Charities Aid Foundation’s annual UK Giving report released today reveals increases in campaigning and volunteering, while total donations of £9.7 billion only increased slightly since 2015.

‘Numbers of people who said they signed a petition or took part in a protest or demonstration last year are the highest recorded in more than a decade of us producing this report,’ CAF Chief Executive John Low said.

Recent political developments such as Brexit may have increased levels of activism, impacting these numbers. The study found that regardless of how people voted in the EU referendum, they were more likely to have done something charitable in 2016 than people who did not vote.

The report found an overall increase in charitable actions, with 89 per cent of people saying they did something charitable last year compared to 79 per cent in 2015.

The UK Giving report found that charitable giving peaked in November with 41 per cent of people saying they donated to high profile campaigns like Children in Need, the Poppy Appeal and Movember.

For the full report visit the website.

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