Vehbi Koç Foundation celebrates 50th anniversary


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Vehbi Koç Foundation, established in 1969 as Turkey’s first private foundation celebrated its 50th anniversary with a series of activities around the theme of philanthropy.

In a statement marking the foundation’s fifty years, Semahat Arsel, Vehbi Koç Foundation Chair, said, ‘Vehbi Koç worked hard for 16 years, starting in 1951, and pushed for the ‘New Foundations Law’ to be passed and finally succeeded. Since then, numerous business people followed his example to establish ‘Private Foundations’. So many of those foundations have taken important steps for our country. In a way, Vehbi Koç changed the fate of civil society in Turkey by making sure that this law was passed. Vehbi Koç Foundation has provided countless services in the fields of ‘Education – Culture and Healthcare’ for the development of our country and the society.’

To mark the anniversary, an encyclopedia of the Foundation’s activities has been launched which they hope will comprehensive resource for civil society organisations and the public. The foundation also unveiled a new contemporary art museum.

Erdal Yıldırım, General Manager at Vehbi Koç Foundation explained that the foundation always operates by taking charge and never saying ‘let someone else do it’.

‘The Vehbi Koç Foundation is an important role model in Turkey, with significant contributions to the development of civil society and philanthropy. Not only the onus is on us but we also put our heart into everything we do.’

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