Vietnam-based infrastructure organisation LIN Center to close in 2023


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The Vietnam-based LIN Center for Community Development will close its doors in January 2023 after 13 years of working for the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors.

The LIN Centre was founded in 2009 under the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Association to strengthen and connect local nonprofit organisations, skilled volunteers, and donors to engage in strategic and sustainable development in Vietnam.

Over the years, it has built a network of some 400 nonprofit organisations, platformed over 150 young community leaders, and enabled almost 200 projects to gain access to resources that benefitted over 100,000 individuals on the ground.

In a recent statement Lam Ngoc Thao, writing on behalf of all LIN staff and the Board of Directors, said: ‘For LIN, it’s been an amazing journey, but as it is said all good things must come to an end. If each of us sees the mission for philanthropy, nonprofit, and the thriving of vulnerable communities as a big book of sustainable development, we know that LIN serves as only a chapter in it. A chapter has closed, new ones arrive. As one of the first local NPOs championing the philanthropy ecosystem in southern Vietnam, we are far from losing our hope for the mission to continue someday and in some way.’

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larry larryellison

We look forward to the strong development of this center geometry dash bloodbath

mario games

This is horrible news for the charity sector as a whole, and I've been following Lin's work for a long time. Best Wishes to the Leadership and Employees


As someone who has followed Lin's career for many years, I feel terrible about this news for the nonprofit community as a whole. To the Management and the Staff, Best Wishes

Doug Miller

As a supporter of Lin for many years this is a Big Loss for the Non Profit sector and for all the organizations Lin has helped. Best wishes to both the Leadership and the Team

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