Wider Sense & WINGS webinar | Insights on the future of European philanthropy and social investment infrastructure


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More than the Sum of its Parts: Insights on the Future of European Philanthropy and Social Investment Infrastructure

What do grantmakers expect from the philanthropy support infrastructure? How does that infrastructure increase the effectiveness of the sector? The study ‘More than the sum of its parts‘ identifies a couple demands of the sectors’ constituency that will shape its development in Europe and beyond.

The authors of the report will discuss their analysis with Benjamin Bellegy, Executive Director, WINGS, and the webinar participants.


  • Michael Alberg-Seberich, Managing Partner, Wider Sense GmbH
  • Benjamin Bellegy, Executive Director, WINGS
  • Filiz Bikmen, Senior Advisor to Wider Sense GmbH

Register here:  https://epsii-webinar.eventbrite.de

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