WINGSForum heads to Africa in 2020


Charles Keidan


The global philanthropy infrastructure body WINGS will hold its next major gathering in Africa in 2020. The WINGSForum, which brings together umbrella bodies of foundations and professionals will take place in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, it was announced at the conclusion of the 2017 WINGSForum in Mexico City.

The selection of Nairobi, following a successful bid from the African Philanthropy Network (APN) is a boon for philanthropy in Africa. It comes after the establishment of the continent’s first Chair in African Philanthropy at Wits University in South Africa and the creation of a third sector research partnership between WACSI in Accra, Ghana and the International Society for Third Sector Research.

The 2017 WINGSForum, which welcomed participants from over 40 countries, was hosted by Cemefi, the Mexican Center for Philanthropy. It ended with a declaration from its 167 member organisations condemning the rise of hate speech:

‘We condemn the rise of hate speech and the closing of civic space. We oppose those trends, whether in the form of attempts to vilify “the other”, spread misinformation, silence rights advocates, or use fear as a tool for manipulating public opinion. We commit ourselves to oppose trends wherever we have influence.’

The declaration also offered ‘support and solidarity with those who feel threatened by the rise of prejudice or national supremacy movements wherever they appear around the globe.’

For more visit the WINGS website.

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