Wolfson Foundation awards £10 million to boost the humanities and social sciences


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The Wolfson Foundation and British Academy announced a £10 million initiative to promote and support high quality research in the humanities and social sciences across the UK.

It is the largest ever single grant awarded in humanities and social sciences by the Foundation at an uncertain and challenging time for academics in Europe. The grant was announced the same day the Central European University in Budapest announced it would partially relocate to Vienna due to government hostility, and a few days after 29 Nobel Prize winners warned that a hard Brexit could ‘cripple science’.

Paul Ramsbottom, Chief Executive of the Wolfson Foundation said, ‘We feel strongly that support for high quality research in the humanities and social sciences is crucial for a healthy society. We are delighted to be working in partnership with the British Academy and hope that this investment will be seen as a mark of confidence in research at British universities. There could be no more important moment to support the next generation of researchers and to emphasise that UK universities are flourishing, global institutions.’

The fund will see the British Academy deliver a transformative programme to support early career researchers, develop an international community of scholars and create an intellectual hub at the Academy’s home on Carlton House Terrace in London.

For more see: http://www.wolfson.org.uk/

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