Youth opportunities in Mongolia need investment, finds Lorinet Foundation research


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One in five youth in Mongolia aged 15-29 are not in education, employment, or training, recent research by the Lorinet Foundation has found.

Lorinet, a family foundation with offices in Switzerland, Singapore, and Mongolia, is focused on creating a positive and sustainable impact on the lives of children, youth, and families living in vulnerable communities.

The report provides an overview of the youth employability landscape and looks at how employability skills in Mongolia are different from or similar to the global context. It identifies key players that have been providing employment support and their initiatives and programmes, along with National Policies and Regulations, education and skills training, and other opportunities to prepare youth for the labour market.

Over the last few years, the Lorinet Foundation has actively supported pioneering, impactful, and sustainable initiatives in education and employment for vulnerable communities in Mongolia. In order to ground the development of the Youth Employability Country Programme in Mongolia, the foundation intends to conduct a sector mapping exercise to better understand the youth employability landscape in the country and identify key gaps and opportunities that would guide priority investment areas for the foundation and its partners over the next 5-7 years.

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