AFE Colombia appoints Aura Lucia Lloreda as Executive Director


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The Asociación de Fundaciones Familiares y Empresariales, or Association of Family and Corporate Foundations in Colombia, has appointed Aura Lucia Lloreda as its new Executive Director. Lloreda replaces Sandra Alzate, who served in the role since September.

Aura Lucia Lloreda, new Executive Director of AFE Colombia

Aura Lucia Lloreda, new Executive Director of AFE Colombia

Lloreda has 15 years of experience in the private, public, and philanthropic sectors designing high-impact, social investment policies and programmes, strategic relationships and promoting the socio-economic development for the most vulnerable populations.

‘I believe in the importance of generating synergies, building bridges, and facilitating communication between the public and private sectors to optimize resources and enhance the impact of social programs. We will continue working to connect our associates, strengthening their individual and collective capacities to influence public policy that translates into a better country’, said Lloreda about the new role.

AFE supports and promotes its associated foundations in Colombia to help improve their social management, expression, cooperation, social innovation, knowledge exchange, and impact. To learn more about AFE, visit

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