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Alliance magazine along wih AVPA, AVPN, DAFNE, EVPA and WINGS has joined as initial contributing partners to #NextPhilanthropy – a new, distributed information resource of condensed data, trends, analysis on what is or may be next in philanthropy.

#NextPhilanthropy was initiated by Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen, Europe’s largest membership organisation of foundations, to address the challenge of keeping up with the increasingly globally connected landscape of philanthropy.

Editor of Alliance magazine, Charles Keidan, said: ‘There is increasingly what we call a global foundation sector. That’s an exciting development for those of us who work in the field and try to take a global view.’

The database will syndicate content from the internal information of partners as well as publicly available sources to systematically prepare, share and network the latest international trends and paths in the philanthropy and foundation sector.

Felix Oldenburg, Secretary General of Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen said: ‘What waits behind the bend in the road? Is it Mark Zuckerberg or for profit philanthropy, is it going to be all crowd and digital, or will the future of foundations be female, or Asian?’

‘Next Philanthropy is a new initiative that will attempt to look ahead.’

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