Barrow Cadbury Trust appoints Erica Cadbury as new Chair of Trustees


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Beginning on 21 October, Barrow Cadbury Trust will be welcoming a new Chair of Trustees.

Erica Cadbury.

Erica Cadbury will be succeeding Helen Cadbury, who passed away at the end of June.

Erica has been a part of the Board for many years, now bringing her experience in voluntary sector management and governance to the role, having lead a Citizens’ Advice Bureau in Yorkshire.

‘I see my trusteeship as service but also as something which widens my vision and my experience immensely. I feel I have been privileged to meet some extraordinary people through the Trust and am constantly humbled by the vision and energy of the people and organizations we work with,’ Erica says.

For more information, visit the Barrow Cadbury Trust website.

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