ClearlySo unveils plans to expand into India


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ClearlySo, supported by the Shell Foundation, is to launch an Indian operation and is looking for someone to lead the process. The new venture, ClearlySo India, will have both backing and support of ClearlySo and some funding from the Shell Foundation. ClearlySo provides what is effectively an online brokerage service, bringing businesses that aim at some social or environmental benefit into contact with like-minded investors and the new venture will provide the Indian social business and enterprise sector with an adapted form of the same model. Audrey Selian, from the Artha Initiative at Rianta Capital, who is assisting ClearlySo with the project, believes that the vibrancy of the sector in India means ‘a large segment of young companies will benefit’. Applications to lead the venture will be open until 25 September and the appointment will be announced early next month.

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