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Co-Impact, the global collaborative for systems change, recently introduced a Handbook seeking to achieve three goals: the internal use of the Handbook as a shepherd of their work, usefulness to funders in encompassing Co-Impact’s contribution to the global development and philanthropic community and insight for current and prospective grantees.

Co-Impact has emphasised the third goal of insight with their programme partners (or grantees), which the organization believes will lend itself to accountability within itself.

As stated by Co-Impact: ‘We are committed to cultivating respectful, transparent, and clear relationships with our programme partners that help them achieve strategic coherence and realize their ambitious systems change objectives to achieve lasting improvements in the lives of people. This Handbook seeks to embody principles and practice that are consistent with this commitment.’

Co-Impact has voiced the belief, that their support for and relationships with their programme partners, hinges on achieving enduring impact. Their Handbook is meant to foster this through transparent insight into who Co-Impact is, their grantmaking process, updates about what programme partners can expect from the organization and descriptions of how work is organised among Co-Impact’s team and advisory board.

The Handbook is inspired by lessons learned from the organisation’s first year, and feedback was provided by the Center for Effective Philanthropy from programme partners (who reviewed and commented on drafts) and applicants.

Authorship of the handbook is principally attributed to Rakesh Rajani and Jeff Hall, but benefited also from Co-Impact staff members, who the organisation attributed for providing extensive input and debate.

According to Co-Impact, ‘From the core principles that animate us and our approach to systems change to the nuts and bolts of our grantmaking process, our support model, and reporting and learning, this Handbook describes what we believe and how we hope to work with partners to advance shared goals.’

Download and read the handbook here.

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