Help! I’m being bullied by an ex-colleague




Dear Regi,

I’m being bullied by an ex-colleague, who incidentally has left the organisation in breach of their legal contract. If I speak out about the situation, it will create more drama for the wider circle, but I’m starting to crack by not speaking.


Disgruntled Former Colleague

Dear “I Have A Disgruntled Former Colleague”,

I think it’s fair to speak out about the drama: this is philanthropy, not Days Of Our Lives, and we should all have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to bullying, harassment and intimidation. If your former colleague has broken a legal agreement, is there a way that this could be handled in a direct, discreet way that would avoid this becoming a larger issue for your “wider circle”? Having said that, if your wider circle of colleagues and allies hold the same values as you, won’t they be supportive of you speaking up and taking a stand?

One way or another, it sounds like you’re lucky to be rid of this individual. While the short-term break-up may be acrimonious and difficult, you’ll only feel relief in the long-term. Just ask my ex-husband.

Kitten whiskers and martini shakers,


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