Live stream: ‘Turning the power of money into power for many’ with Ise Bosch and Justus Eisfeld


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Watch live as award winning German philanthropist Ise Bosch and trans rights advocate Justus Eisfeld talk about the themes explored in Transformative Philanthropy ­­– Giving with Trust, a book in which both, together with co-author Claudia Bollwinkel, reflect on ten years of holistic grant making, philanthropic involvement and impact investments by Dreilinden.

The book discusses privilege, power, trust and access, and offers a new view on philanthropy and its possibilities for impact. It features the voices of partners, grantees and constituents of the projects backed by Dreilinden ‒ precisely the people who have personal experience of Bosch’s approach to supporting social movements around the world.

Dreilinden champions the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, and queer people. Bosch is convinced that ‘societies become more humane and stronger when gender roles are less strictly binary and less hierarchical.’ According to a recent impact analysis, 86 per cent of projects supported by Dreilinden indicate a sustainable strengthening of their structures and resulting power shifts in favor of the communities served locally. Some 82 per cent state that Dreilinden supports new lines of work that previously did not exist.

The lecture will invite you to think about the power held by donors and consider how this power can shift towards a model of transformative philanthropy that disrupts gender binaries and resources the frontlines of LGBTQI justice.

Watch the lecture live below:

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