Me, Myself & I – Is this the way to enhance giving?


Michael Alberg-Seberich


Michael Alberg-Seberich

What really motivates us to give? Economists, psychologists and anthropologists have shown repeatedly that giving is a crucial part of culture. It is a way to ensure social relations, to prepare for times of crises, to share wealth, to express personal values, and more. The question that civil society organizations and governments all over the world struggle with is how this culture of giving can be enhanced. How can we motivate every member of society to give more of their social, financial and intellectual capital for the greater good and their personal satisfaction?

Active Philanthropy asked 45 students of the Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm this question. The school is one of the most successful of its kind, and its students have already won many international awards for their creativity. We wanted to know from them how they would use their communication toolbox to promote giving. The videos, campaign concepts and games developed by the ten student teams are thought-provoking. This must be the reason why it took us a while to finally share the results with the wider public. But now this is the kick-off of this sharing process.

Embedded you find a link to the video ‘Me, Myself & I’. The video is hypothetical, but maybe this is the kind of campaign that we need to enhance giving? Asking the public what they would do (for themselves or for society) could be one response to the Giving Pledge promoted by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. Could this help people grasp the fun and the difficulties of giving? The team of Carl von der Lancken, Cecilia Flygt Högberg, Elias Larsson and Frida Pihl turned the pledge into a challenge for a fictional, anonymous donor. What do you think? What would happen if this challenge could be for real?

Again, this is a student project. It is an idea. Nevertheless it will be interesting to see how people react to it. Maybe it is in the end a way to enhance giving around the world in a connected world? Are you interested? Then get in touch with us!

Michael Alberg-Seberich is managing partner at Active Philanthropy

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