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The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, a major US based foundation focused on education, civil society and the environment, has launched an online platform providing ongoing updates on its grants to address Flint’s water crisis.

Just a year ago Mott announced their commitment of $100 million over five years to address immediate and long-term concerns of the public health crisis in Flint, after it was discovered in 2015 that Flint’s water supply was contaminated with lead and had been poisoning residents.

Infographic from the Mott Foundation’s Flint platform.

So far, Mott has granted over $48 million in the areas of safe drinking water; health; education; nonprofits; community engagement; and economic revitalization.

Half of the foundation’s grantmaking in this area, $23.4 million, has gone to support educational opportunity. Many of these grants are aimed at helping bolster young children against the long-term effects of lead exposure.

Revitalizing the economy is also a priority with nearly $9 million granted towards restarting and accelerating the economic recovery emerging in Flint when the water crisis hit.

Over 1/3 of the $9 million was granted to the Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce who help small businesses struggling to recover from the crisis and promote economic resilience among them.

While there is debate surrounding the question of whether philanthropy should help Flint restore itself or help the residents leave the town, Mott’s platform shows the foundation’s ongoing role in helping the town and its residents following the crisis.

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