Radical funding body Edge Fund passes quarter million landmark


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Alliance magazine

Alliance magazine

The UK-based Edge Fund, which supports grassroots groups aiming at radical social change, has raised its first £250,000.

Following the motto ‘radical funding for radical change’, funding decisions are put in the hands of those most affected by inequality and oppression. The fund supports groups that are considered ‘too radical’ by most other funders.

Launched 18 months ago, Edge Fund has so far distributed £120,000 to over 80 small, grassroots groups and individuals, from lesbian migrant support groups and Roma community organizers to those opposing police repression, immigration raids and the arms trade, from anti-capitalists and anarchist groups to people working on disability rights, local community organizing and climate change. Just under 1,000 applications were received in the first year of funding.

Edge Fund’s fourth funding round has now opened with grants of up to £5,000 available. The application consists of just five questions, which can be answered over the phone or by email. The deadline for applications is 5pm on Monday 8 September.

Edge Fund is now looking for donations to make a fifth funding round possible. Click here for more information about making a donation, applying for funds or becoming a member>

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