December 2017

Philanthropy and the media

Volume 22 , Number 4

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December 2017

Philanthropy and the media

Volume 22 , Number 4

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New look philanthropy media

Welcome to the December 2017 issue of Alliance magazine.

The flagship of Alliance Publishing Trust is our quarterly print publication dedicated to the pursuit of independent coverage of philanthropy worldwide. You read it for opinion and analysis of trends and developments in the sector, interviews with leading philanthropists and foundations and of course our in-depth special feature.

The centrepiece of the issue is our special feature on philanthropy and the media. Our guest editor, Miguel Castro of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and I take you on a journey through the key issues facing philanthropy.

Our stellar panel of contributors from publications including Spiegel, The Guardian and the BBC consider philanthropy’s role in sustaining investigative journalism and combating fake news, and whether we should fear or welcome the changes under way. Bruce Sievers and Patrice Schneider explain why new funding models are needed while Barbara Hans discusses the opportunities and hurdles for both media and philanthropy.

This issue also features the first-ever interview – anywhere – with founder of the Adessium Foundation, Gerard van Vliet. He explains the vision behind the foundation and the values that have steered its course over its first ten years. Together with his son, Rogier van Vliet and managing director, Rogier van der Weerd, we learn more about the practice of philanthropy, the Adessium way.

Alliance is part of the non-profit philanthropy media and our aim is to help make philanthropy better by giving it the attention and scrutiny it deserves. Your support enables Alliance to hold up a mirror to philanthropy worldwide.

Subscribe to Alliance to read interviews, news and comment as well as analysis from our Philanthropy Thinkers and help us to provoke debate, stimulate thinking and improve the field.

Charles Keidan
Editor, Alliance

Special feature

The pursuit of mutually assured survival 

5 December 2017
Miguel Castro

Why are the worlds of philanthropy and the media still so far apart? What could and should be done to bring them together and realize the promise of a reciprocal relationship? In this special feature, we look at the space where these two worlds collide, and what happens as a result. I argue that now, more than ever, philanthropy and the media don’t just need to work more effectively together, they actually need each other to fulfil their respective missions.   Philanthropy and the media are well defined terms. Philanthropy is roughly the promotion of …


New look philanthropy media 

Welcome to the new–look Alliance magazine  The flagship of Alliance Publishing Trust is this magazine, our quarterly print publication dedicated to the pursuit of independent coverage of philanthropy worldwide. You read it for opinion and analysis of trends and developments in the sector, interviews with leading philanthropists and foundations, and of course our in-depth special feature.  Our mission to produce high quality and independent coverage of philanthropy is as strong as ever but we’ve changed the design and format of the magazine to make the content more accessible and easier to navigate. Many of you have asked for these changes and we’re excited to hear your reaction.  The centrepiece of this issue is our special feature on philanthropy and the media. Our guest …

Special feature


Now is the time to build a movement for philanthropic equity 

Carly Hare

I congratulate Alliance for bringing even more global attention to the issues around diversity in philanthropy in the September special feature.   In this unprecedented …

Move beyond diversity – reframe power 

Jennifer Choi

We at National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) appreciated Alliance’s September 2017 issue highlighting the fact that communities served are not reflected …

Multiplying value, not dividing it  

Mike Buonaiuto

When I heard that September’s issue of Alliance magazine would spearhead the topic of diversity, to say I was pleased would be …

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