A new paradigm for capacity building

Connor Diemand-Yauman

Philanthropy University is pioneering new ways of using data to identify the capacity needs of valuable but neglected local CSOs

As a global community, we often mobilise around visible crises: epidemics, child marriage and environmental degradation. There is another crisis, however – one not often covered by global headlines – that prevents local civil society from effectively addressing these challenges: a capacity crisis that keeps these local organisations from reaching their full potential as the change agents we desperately need.

Need for coordinated approach

With their understanding of local context and deep-rooted relationships, local organisations will have a critical role in achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. However, the International Forum on Nonprofits notes ‘an urgent need for a coordinated approach to develop the capacity of civil society globally’, since their contributions are the key drivers of progress within these social focus areas. Local organisations are resilient, but face capacity challenges that often put them at a distance from grants and other opportunities to execute on their missions and save more lives.

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