Help! How can I convince funders to build community in a post-Soviet country?




Dear Regi,

How can we find foundations that are ready to fund activities in a post-Soviet country? We want to build a society with more initiatives, more qualitative education, more solidarity with poor peoples, more unity between the West and East, or an agricultural system in full respect with nature, and so on… How do we make ourselves attractive to funders?

Post Soviet

Dear Post Soviet

Have you ever heard of George Soros? Just saying, there is a very large foundation that has spent a significant portion of its funds in the ‘post-Soviet’ world only to be demonized for its efforts. The trend toward closing civic space in many countries isn’t making it any easier for philanthropists to engage. Community-based philanthropy might be your best bet. We can recommend the Global Fund for Community Foundations which does a bang-up job of empowering philanthropy in unexpected places.



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