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Alliance magazine’s advice column Philanthropy Confidential has a new secret correspondent for 2022. Writing under the pen name Veritas, our anonymous columnist will take on your trickiest problems and questions and publish the answers exclusively in Alliance.

Philanthropy Confidential launched in Alliance in September 2020 as your space to get anonymous advice on the dilemmas and experiences you encounter working in and with the global philanthropy sector.

Over the last year and more, secret columnist Regi has tackled issues like how to handle a multi-million endowed foundation not paying its invoices on time, how to deal with office bullying, how to get philanthropists to notice your organisation, how to convince funders to make endowment grants, and more.

Now, Veritas will be taking over. Send her your questions here and look out for the response in the next issue of Alliance magazine.

Read Philanthropy Confidential columns and submit a question to Veritas.

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